Skin Care Series 护肤系列

Syrinx Squalane Moisturisng Hand Cream / 希芸鲨烷柔嫩护手霜

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Perfect Sunscreen Lotion / 清新冰爽防晒霜

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Pure Melt Facial Massage Cream / 活力按摩霜

Pure Melt Facial Scrub Cream / 去角质啫喱

Pure Melt Make up Remove Oil / 卸妆油

Pure Melt Eye & Lip Make up Remove Toner / 眼唇卸妆液

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Faclal Treatment Lotion / 肌初美容液I号

Faclal Treatment Lotion / 肌初美容液II号

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Whitening Recovery Complex / 嫩白修护液

Wrinkle Lifting Recovery Complex / 御痕修护液

Fresh Cell Recovery Complex / 水凝修护液

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Aqua Penetration / 水漾沁透泡沫洁面膏

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Renew Reservoir Cleansing Foam / 幻时凝润泡沫洁面膏

Renew Reservoir Mild Toner for Dry & Normal Skin / 幻时凝润亲肤水

Renew Reservoir Mild Emulsion for Dry & Normal Skin / 幻时凝润亲肤乳

Renew Reservoir Vital Cream for Dry & Normal Skin / 幻时凝润活力保湿霜

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Ultimate Hydra Moisture Cream / 新水漾保湿霜

Ultimate Hydra Cleansing Foam / 新水漾洁面乳

Ultimate Hydra Soft Toner / 新水漾柔肤水

Ultimate Hydra Soft Emulsion / 新水漾保湿乳

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White Illumination Cleansing Foam/ 焕采泡沫洁面膏

White Illumination Toner / 臻白焕采亮肤水

White Illumination Emulsion / 臻白焕采亮肤乳

Whitening Hydrating Cream / 臻白焕采修护霜

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Refreshing Skin Balancing Toner / 清透肌爽肤水

Refreshing Skin Balancing Lotion / 清透肌爽肤乳清透肌爽肤乳

Refreshing Skin Face Wash / 清透肌洁面乳

Refreshing Skin Essence / 希芸清透肌精华露

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